Impact Northland FAQ’s for Leaders / Parents

IMPACT Northland is brought to you by the IMPACT Northland Trust
Production and night elements supported by Excite Church

General Information

  • How much is IMPACT?

    IMPACT is FREE! That's right no cost needed. Just bring yourself and your group!
  • What time is it?

    IMPACT starts at 6.30pm however we open the doors at 5.45pm to allow time to find seats and ensure a steady flow.
  • How old do I have to be?

    We advertise 13 years and up however we do make a small exception to 11 and 12 year olds providing they are with a parent, leader or a supervisor over the age of 16.
  • How long is IMPACT?

    IMPACT Lasts about 1.5 hours. we usually have hype for 30 minutes building up to IMPACT from 6.30pm so we finish around 8.20pm-ish
  • Will Food be provided?

    Yes, food and drink will be provided at the end at no charge.
  • What do I bring in?

    Bring yourself! and a few mates however bring a sweatshirt and a spare shirt as you might be picked to participate in our games which might involve getting messy!
  • What can't I bring in?

    You can't bring in any of the following: - Large Duffle Bags or Backpacks, If you do bring them they will be subjected to a search - Alcohol, this is a alchohol free event. - Weapons or sharp objects that may cause injury. - A full list is on our T&C's Security will be present on site at all times.
  • Do I need a Ticket?

    No! No ticket needed, but you should grab a raffle ticket as you walk in to be in the draw for our spot prize at the end of the evening!
  • Where do I register?

    There is no need to register for this event any more! Just rock up and enjoy the evening.
  • I Can't make it to IMPACT? Is there a LIVE Stream?

    Unfortunately we will not be Live streaming impact now. We may produce a video of the show after the event so keep an eye on our IMPACT Northland Facebook page and Excite Church Youtube channel for updates.

Information for Group Leaders

  • I'm taking a large group do you guys need any info?

    Awesome! Let us know via email at and we can look after you! You will need to provide some details so we can accommodate your group on the night: - Transport (Are you taking a big bus, vans or private cars?) - how many youth are going, this can be a rough estimate. -Do you need seats reserved? Reservation of seats are held up the front so your group won't miss out on all the action! - How many have been registered so far?
  • Parking Options

    Plenty of parking at the venue, if you are taking a bus, we have a dedicated drop off zone right outside the doors to offload passengers, Busses will then be allocated a parking spot on the other side for passenger loading post event.